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Can you recommend interesting men's shoe makers? I really (really!) like a lot of Cydwoq shoes, and some Fluevog's. I dislike shoes styled after athletic shoes or old track spikes. I'm most interested in learning about high style, relatively unusual shoes. They can be dress or casual.

Because Camper has moved their line to mostly mimic track shoes, there are very few models I like anymore. I'm not a fan of simple, Mephisto, or Born.

(No offense intended, these brands just get trotted out a lot when people talk about men's shoes.)

I've read the other questions on AskMe related to this topic.

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Fiorentini and Baker are not as far out as the likes of Cydwoq, but they are seriously good shoes. The quality is exceptional.
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One of my favourite brands and held in high regard among the discerning customer is Church's English Shoes.

The craftsmanship is incredible and the styles are never out of fashion classics. They may cost a lot, ca. $800 to $1200 USD, you won't be let down.

I have bought about 6 pairs total in the past five years and all still are in fantastic shape and comfortable as the day purchased.
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I actually asked this question previously, come to think of it.
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Heads up: Church's are great shoes but they run narrow. Their E's are like regular size C's.
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Sutor Mantellassi makes very high quality shoes, some traditional, some not.
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I really, really like the Fluevog's I got recently some others that caught my eye at the time Zeha Berlin, Trippen and fly London.
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If you're not in a big hurry, you might could get George to make you some nice boots.
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I love my Alden shell cordovan dress shoes-- the leather has this really unique burgundy glow when shined (also comes in black), and over time the upper conforms to the shape of your feet
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refinery 29 just highlighted new mens shoes.
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Thanks, everyone. Several folks suggested great shoes that are very classic in appearance. Those didn't quite match my criteria, awesome as they are. It's striking how small a market this seems to be.
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See also
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Don't know what happened there. See Trippen shoes.
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