Buggy finder OS x 10.5.8
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Buggy finder in OX 10.5.8 Recently my finder has gotten really buggy - even though I have disabled spaces and expose they will spontaneously launch. Also when I open folders in the finder they will flash repeatedly before stopping and letting me click into them. I also have a hard time renaming files by clicking into the file name on the finder. Does anyone have any ideas??? Thanks!!
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do you have another mouse and keyboard to try?

sounds like you might have a stuck key or mouse button
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Sounds like a key may be stuck on your keyboard. What machine is it? If it's not a laptop, plug the mouse directly into the USB port without the keyboard and see what happens.

Could be a bad mouse wire too possibly. Do you have a spare mouse you could try?
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Definitely a mouse or keyboard problem.
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Response by poster: thanks everyone!!!
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