Big Ten Network football on streaming video?
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Can I get Big Ten Network football games on streaming video online?

Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how to do it?
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Not video but when when this displaced Texan was desperate for Big 12 while in the NE I opted for Sirius satellite radio and haven't let go even after retuning home.
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Well, Hulu has a Big Ten Channel that has "classic" football games, but I don't see anything about games for the current season.

I recently saw an iPhone App for the SEC which looked like it supported video streaming, but I dunno. That's the app that I would want in Big Ten flavor.

Go Boilers!
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From looking at the schedule

Many of the games that are done by ESPN are going to be streamed on ESPN 360

Not sure if the games on the "Big Ten Network" will be streamed anywhere, those look like the smaller games.

I think ABC might be streaming games somewhere since they're a sibling to ESPN but I can't find where.
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I've had some luck with for streaming tv stations. It's supposed to stream stations that people put online. I could have watched the baseball game on TBS yesterday using if I felt like it.
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Big Ten Ticket

Available to people outside the U.S. (Kind of annoying as I would probably pay for this if it would allow for people to stream inside the U.S.)
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