Help me clean a window.
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What is the best way to clean my window with a hose?

We have a large window at the front of our house. It's too high up for me to get to it with a ladder, and I have tried extension poles and it leaves terrible streaks and really didn't get the job done. I want to use my hose to spray down the windows, maybe with an attached bottle for spraying soap as well.

Anyone done this?
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Rent or borrow a pressure washer. You'll want to make sure you have sturdy screens/storm windows and that they seal tightly, but the increased pressure seems to do the trick for washing off your house.
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Wear a raincoat of some kind. I do mine with a pressure washer, and I get soaked. I tried with the hose, but there just isn't enough pressure.

If you want soap as well, look for a liquid fertiliser attachment for the hose.

Try one of these, too.
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Response by poster: This window is high, probably the lowest part is 10 ft above me, highest 15 ft off the ground. Will a pressure washer reach that high and maintain a good stream?
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Best answer: Windex Outdoor Cleaner.

Or a taller ladder.
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A pressure washer will definitely reach that high. You'll have much more luck with a PW than a hose. You can even get models that will allow you to incorporate soap into the spray.

10' off the ground isn't really all that high. If you don't like heights, could you just pay one of the neighbourhood kids to do it?
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Response by poster: I picked up a bottle of the Windex, so we'll see how that works out.
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Response by poster: PS. I'm good with heights, but I just cannot convey properly how awkward this window is to get to.
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Response by poster: Windex for the win. 10 bucks and it did the job in 5 minutes. Didn't even use a fifth of the bottle.

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