Recommend music like the Bothers Bloom score
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Can you recommend music similar to the Brothers Bloom score?

I saw The Brothers Bloom this week and loved the score, especially "Double Dutch Queens" and "Penelope's Theme." I downloaded the soundtrack from Amazon, but it's not great music to listen to--the soundtrack is just a soundtrack and not a full score. I want to hear music that's similar to these tracks but that are fully composed songs. Any recommendations?
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Have you looked at other music from The Cinematic Underground, who did the score? Some of it sounds similar, but it seems a bit off.

They have a podcast, too, though I haven't checked it out.

As far as an actual suggestion, some of the score reminded me of a bit of Jim O'Rourke's work.

I'd recommend:

Bad Timing


His latest, The Visitor

Be careful before you buy his whole catalog, some of it is just noise experiments. Beautiful, but maybe not what you're looking for.

Depending on what aspects of the music you liked, I'd also check out Old Crow Medicine Show, who do a kind of old-school bluegrassy pop bent, that the movie reminded me of a bit.
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I haven't seen the movie and can't get those tracks to play on the link but if it's Nathan Johnson and the Cinematic Underground then I'm going to guess that it's 20C classical or instrumental ambient.

I'll recommend:

Max Richter
Sylvain Chauveau
Johann Johannson
Rameses III
Kammerflimmer Kollecktief
Rafael Anton Irisarri
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Oh, and Nathan Johnson also scored Brick, Rian Johnson's first film. I think they're brothers.

And those O'Rourke suggestions are excellent. He's terrific.
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