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I'm looking for first-hand experience or information with regard to the LA county jail system.

My cousin was arrested for a DUI recently. As part of her sentencing, she has to spend 96 hours in jail in Los Angeles. Apparently she can split these over a weekend. However, her lawyer (who seems to know what he's doing) is fairly certain that if she were to show up at LA County jail and surrender for 96 hours, they're basically going to book her and turn her right around - she'd be in there for maybe 10-12 hours. Has anyone, or anyone you know of, experienced this? What are the chances that she will actually be kept in there for 96 hours?

She does have the choice of spending two weekends (48 + 48) in a city jail (where she pays about $90/ day for nicer facilities).

Thank you very much for your input.
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Hi, I'm an attorney in the greater LA area, and over half of my practice is criminal defense. Your attorney is right on the money. Currently people in LA county, who are there for non-violent crimes, are spending an average of 10% of their sentence before being released.

In Orange County it's about 33%.

I'm assuming you're talking about a first time, no-injury DUI.
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I am not a lawyer, but after a recent surgery I spent lots of time on the couch watching garbage.

I was watching that horrible Kardashian show. One of them got busted for DUI. She went in and came right back out after a few hours. The reason cited was exactly what the attorney above has said.

They did, though, take her shoelaces (and probably other contraband). So watch for that.

Good luck in getting your cousin the help she needs for her drinking problem.
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