Taking the outdoor stairs in Portland - where to go and what to do?
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Portland exercise question: where are the good places to do stairs/stair work in the Rose City? What am I getting myself into?

As part of my soon to be implemented exercise regimen I would like to do some stair work. Not necessarily like in a sports stadium but somewhere with a lot of steps and maybe some scenery as well. I live close in N/NE - I would assume most places would be around the West Hills, but maybe there are some not so well known places off my radar.

Bonus points for anyone who has suggestions about routines, etc. for doing stair work. Easy to overdo? Stretching beforehand? Workout versus running? Should I carry my wife on back while doing this? Footwear recommendations (because it seems like the footstrike is going to be much different than regular running)? Things to do with my arms? Thank you!
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Best answer: There are a number of public staircases along Alameda Ridge in NE Portland. They have awesome views.

This guide (pdf) lists a couple of them as part of a longer walk.
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Best answer: This or this will point you at some of the stairs, though a number are on the west side.

No idea how applicable they will be for training or any other tips.
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dersins has it. One of the staircases goes up the ridge right by 42nd st, which is convenient if you want to regain those calories you just lost with a quick pint at the Moon & Sixpence.
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Response by poster: WOW. Wonderful answers everyone - and thanks for the emails as well!
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I know people who do this at Mt Tabor and in the Goose Hollow neighborhood on the west side.
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