I want to solicit in a public place. Where?
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I want to solicit in a public place. Where?

I'd like to paint kids' faces for Halloween, nothing big. It would just be me and my paint, a small table, and two chairs.

I don't want to do it at my house. Who could I ask for permission to set up in, say, a parking lot? Or someplace similarly casual.

I have a registered business but not a tax ID (sole prop) which places like Wal-Mart would need. I do have insurance.

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Otherwise, if you're going to be doing the work on private property (e.g. the parking lot of a business), you would just need permission from the owner of that property. I think the only way you might get in trouble for operating without a license or something would be if you were on public property, like in a park, or on a city sidewalk.

It might make things easier if you hooked up with a related business, like a kids' clothing or costume shop. If it makes things easier, I don't know where you're located, but in PA for example, you pretty much just need to make a phone call to request a tax ID.
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Thanks Lola!

I'm not worried about getting in trouble; I'm just trying to figure out good places to ask.
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As an individual your SS number might be sufficient as a tax ID.
Some towns have a Halloween parade or other festivity where a crowd gathers; this might be a good venue.
You could also volunteer to do this for a church, animal shelter, or other nonprofit on a revenue sharing basis, where they get X dollars for each face painted, and they help to promote the event.
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