What to do in Ol' Kentucky
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What to do in Louisville, KY this weekend?

I'm heading up to Louisville on Thursday and staying through the weekend. Is there anything awesome of note I should investigate? I know about the Downs, and there's the Garvin Gates Blues Festival going on as well. Are there any interesting nightclubs or evening spots worth looking into for the counterculturally-minded? Art exhibits going on? Awesome places to get awesome food I can't eat anywhere else? I'll have days to fill, give me the lowdown!
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Go have a walk down bardstown road, starting at the northern end with phoenix hill tavern and check out all the awesome restaraunts and shops.

have breakfast at lynns paradise cafe.

I don't know if the st. james court art fair is still going on or not but if it is then check that out.

Also, at churchill downs right now they are filming a disney sports movie about secretariat. They are also casting for extras so if you have any 70's looking clothes with you then wear them down and see if you can get a spot in the movie.
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Ramsi's Cafe, Cafe Mimosa, and Shalimar. Three of my favorite eateries when I'm in town. And I'll be in town this weekend!

If you like the Irish Pub feel, the triple threat of O'Shea's, Molly Malone's, and Flanagan's all right there together on Baxter is awesome.
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If you are a baseball fan there is the Louisville Bat Factory.
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St. James was last weekend, so you've missed that. If you're at Garvin Gate anyway, you might look to see what's going on at the Rud.
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Ooooh, love this question!

Before I go on and on about everything there is to do, I have but 4 words for you: Evil Dead: The Musical. Yes...you really must. It's going on every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in October at 8 pm at the Alley Theatre. It's being directed by a friend of mine, and he's so talented - if you're at all a fan, I promise you'll love it. I strongly suggest trying to get a ticket in the "splatter zone." www.louevildead.com - the website is shiteous, I warn you, but can give you more info on the show.

Anyways, I also suggest stopping by Proof, a restaurant/bar located in a hotel on Main Street called 21c. The hotel also houses what's purported to be the country's only art museum displaying nothing but 21st century art (thus...21c). You can tour the museum in the hotel lobby without being a guest there - it's open to the public. The Louisville Slugger bat factory, the Frazier historical arms museum, and the science center are all within a couple of blocks of 21c, too.

If you have time and some extra cash, you can blow your own glass at Glassworks (on Market and...9th? I think.) It's a working glass forge. You may need reservations - if this interests you, you can check out their website at www.louisvilleglassworks.com. There's also a bar next door called Jazzyblu that has awesome live jazz on Fridays.

If you're into sampling some local beer, Louisville also has 2 decent breweries - Cumberland Brews and Bluegrass Brewing Company. Cumberland Brews is on the aforementioned Bardstown Road, and BBC is on Shelbyville Road - you can Mapquest either. Cumberland is pretty close to Ramsi's (also mentioned above).

IMO, skip breakfast at Lynn's and check out Toast on Market or North End Cafe on Frankfort.

Other good restaurants...Jack Fry's ($$$, but incredible shrimp & grits); Asiatique (Asian fusion); Seviche (Latin American); Come Back Inn (though you will never find it, since it's buried in the maze that is Germantown. But perhaps you come equipped with GPS).

Enjoy! I love this town and hope you have a kickass time.
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Pecanpies: How dare I forget to tell him about BBC. I fail hard. Thank you for catching up on my slack.
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Response by poster: Excellent ideas - I definitely want to check out 21c and things up and down Bardstown Rd again - I remember Ear-x-tacy being a pretty excellent music store from the last time I was through. A specific thought - where's the best place to get pho? Pho 777 is right down the street from where I'm staying... any good?
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ear X-tacy is wondrous and yeah, it's still there. There is an excellent Vietnamese restaurant called Vietnam Kitchen that's just south of downtown. Wonderful. Slightly hole in the wall, certainly unglamorous, but just incredible!
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