Reuniting with a headmaster for an expensive school in Australia named Ron..
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I'm looking for a forgotten chat-friend from over 10 years ago. All I remember is that his first name is Ron, and he was a headmaster at a school in eastern Australia, got to drive a Aston Martin as a work benefit, and once took a group of students to visit America in the Seattle area. He gave me some advice that I later took up, and would like to tell him how much of a difference (good) it's made.

I might remember his last name if I saw it. Is there a way to find a list of headmasters of all schools in eastern Australia, that are wealthy enough to offer their headmasters an Aston Martin as a company car? I recall him having told me the name of the school and I looked up the site just once, back then, so I might vaguely recall that if I saw it, also. Any ideas on where to start looking?
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You might start looking for the school in this list of Australian boarding schools. Most school websites have sections devoted to their headmasters.
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Dig around here and see if any names jump out at you:
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I've looked through a couple school-listing sites (and sent my peculiar inquiry to their contact-us address) and none of them ring any familiar bells. Given that it was over a decade ago, he may not be headmaster there anymore, so his name may not be listed under the presently available data =/
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You have to face the possibility that everything he told you was untrue.

It was so easy to do back then.
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Naysayers unwelcome. Falsity is certainly a possibility, but as an option resorted to after having done the research.
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You should email some of the Australian headmasters above and ask them. They may have a better idea of where to look or who to talk to.
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This might be painfully obvious, and I apologize if that's the case, but have you searched on his old AIM (or other chat services / message board) handle and/or email address? Sometimes people reuse their favorite handles on other services and email addresses.

Also, if this was on a message board or other site, can you try looking through the WayBackMachine for hints as to where he worked or his last name?
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You could try contacting the Aston Martin club in Australia, to see if they know of any school that maintains an Aston Martin (for the headmaster, or any other reason)
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It was on AIM, several computers ago and the account has long passed out of use (no logs) and all that I can recall of his SN was partly to do with "Ron" =/ I may, however, still have ancient e-mails from that era from when I used Eudora and stored them all locally, but I'm not sure if I ever e-mailed him or if it were strictly chat. Perhaps..
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That's a good idea, unlaced -- I shall try that!
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Ron Swain?
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Doesn't ring a bell, nor the schools. Thanks though! heh
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Found him. Retired in 2007 from Broughton Anglican College. Thanks for your help, folks!
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