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[SongFilter] What the heck is this song playing on my local college radio station?

It's been playing on WHPK Chicago for a good 15-20 minutes, and it hasn't significantly varied from sounding like this, except for the removal of a monotonous and steady busy-signal kind of sound.

It's driving me mad! Can you hear what he's saying? (We're marching toward the present? Looking for some pasture?) What is this song?
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One click away from the link you provided.
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Response by poster: The show ended without an announcement of what the song was, sadly. This clip is all that remains.

I believe in you, hivemind!
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But you can still contact the station, give them a description of the song and the time it was playing. If they don't have a record of what it was, the dj should know what he played.
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Let us know what you find out. I'm intrigued by your sample.
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I'm pretty sure the voice says "Looking for someone who is" at some point, but googling that phrase does not help.

The tune and lyrics sound familiar, but if I've heard it before it was in a much less, er, dissonant version.

I'm intrigued too.
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Often college radio DJs fill out a playlist form while they're doing their shows and submit it to the music director (or someone else) after their shows end. Maybe try sending an email to one of the folks listed on this page, see if you can find the DJ's contact information on the site, or wait until next week around the same time and see if you can phone in to the studio and speak to the DJ who played the song.
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Shazam doesn't recognize your clip, FWIW.
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The lyrics you heard remind me of Dan Deacon's "Wham City." Musically, it might be off of one of his earlier albums, which were more experimental than "Spiderman of the Rings" & "Bromst."
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