Help me find this magnet.
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I need to find this exact magnet, but my google-fu is failing me.

I bought it recently in a small boutique store in Idaho Springs, CO. The magnet originates from this company, but you have to be a retailer in order to purchase from their website.
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Can you call the shop you bought it from? You also could probably print one yourself at Cafepress or the like.
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Response by poster: I bought the last one at the shop.
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I work at a store that sometimes has that magnet in stock (though we're sold out right now)--can you call and see if they have more coming in? We order that one fairly regularly and I'd imagine they would too.
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Response by poster: I'd rather not call the store and bother them with my request, I live in another state so they would have to ship it. I would like to find a store on the internet that sells them.
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I'm pretty sure the company that makes those is David and Goliath, so if you have a lot of patience, you could Google "david and goliath magnets" or some variation and sift through the results.
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ATA-BOY has it on Amazon but it's currently unavailable. I think your best bet is to call them directly and explain that you found this magnet in a gift shop and you love it and want another. A phone call is a lot harder to ignore than an email, if you can get a person on the line. Or contact the shop you purchased it from and have them order you another. I exhausted my google-fu (the key is to search for "go f*ck yourself" magnet) and I don't think you'll be able to simply order that exact magnet from a website.

Here's a very similar t-shirt, if that's to your liking.

A somewhat less similar magnet on eBay (another auction by the same seller, greatmagnets).
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