Quarter-life dining crisis
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How can I find large baseball helmet bowls for sale?

When I was younger, my family saved and used the baseball helmet bowls that you would get if you ordered ice cream at our local minor league baseball park. They work great for eating cereal or mac and and cheese - so having them covers about 90% of my dining needs.

I used to have a bunch of them, but most of them have disappeared or become unusable over the last decade or so and I haven't been able to find any way to replace them. The best I can find are the 8 oz. versions, which are too small to be useful.

Any suggestions?
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Or other Google-yielded sites.
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Based on the amount of popcorn in that photo, those look the same size as the current ones at MLB parks. I have a few.
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Response by poster: The web site is advertising them as 8 oz. bowls, and I have a bunch of those ... it's the larger ones that I'm having trouble with.
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Best answer: When I needed these for one of my kids' birthday party, I called the nearest minor league baseball park and asked for eith the promotions, marketing, or food service manager.

They sold them to me for some tiny sum -- fifty cents each? In small quantities it did not amount to much -- and I was able to pick them up at the gift shop that afternoon.

(The Pawtucket red Sox, AAA, are the nicest organization outside of the St. Paul Saints: go, Paw Sox!)
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Whoops, you want the big ones, where i got the little ones. Dang, call the team anyway, they may know.
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