Classy fashion-y silver or white gold rings between $100 and $300?
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Classy fashion-y silver or white gold rings between $100 and $300?

My mother has been trying to buy me a graduation present since May. I can't find anything for her to get me! She's set on a ring because she wants to get something nice and meaningful and thinks mine need to be replaced.

Right now I wear a couple of $15 silver rings from American Eagle years ago. I'd like to upgrade to something more grown up, but have very bad luck with rings, as I'm not very dainty. I've had amethyst rings that have gotten all scratched up and ruined.

I am looking for an everyday ring either in white gold or silver. I feel like most everything I have seen in stores is either super expensive or super tacky. I like the style of some Tiffany rings but think it's crazy that they sell silver for so much money. I know you all have excellent taste so I am trusting you to help me out!

-between $100 and $300
-simple design, but not as plain as a wedding band
-either no stone or a stone with a high Mohs rating like ruby, emerald, alexandrite, sapphire
-available either online or in the Boston/NH area

Some designs I have seen that might work:

1 2 3 4

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Check out They have lots of options in every price range.
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I'm not a big jewelery wearer myself but the pieces I have and wear (almost daily) are silver or platinum and very simple. I like your #'s 1 and 4.
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Pawn shops. They have all sorts of stuff. Never buy jewelry, musical instruments, or guns without first checking your local pawn shop.
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You could try there are a lot of jewelry artists there. You'd get the bonus of something handmade.
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I love, love, LOVE Turtle Love Committee.
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Robert Redford's Sundance Catalog?
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The Sundance Catalog has a lot of pretty white gold and silver rings. This one seems like it might be your style, or maybe any of these?
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If you are looking for a ring that is almost impossible to damage with normal use, I would recommend a tungsten carbide ring. It doesn't look particularly different from silver (depending on the finish, of course) and, if it is genuine, will have a functionally permanent polish.

There are tons of different sellers out there. TC might not be for you, but I reckon it's worth a few minutes of Googling, just "tungsten carbide rings" will gives you pages of sellers. It's not unreasonable to see them available for $99 with free shipping.
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You're getting some great suggestions here. I just wanted to add this:

They are rings. They will wear if you wear them, and that is OK. My engagement ring and wedding band are worn, scuffed, and dinged and that's because I wear them (almost) every day. I also get compliments on them all the time, regardless. A well-crafted ring will hold up the the best of the abilities of the materials from which it is made, but you should be willing to accept a little wear and tear in life.
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If you aren't put off by (or can get past) some of the more explicitly Christian items, I recommend James Avery. They're a very popular statewide chain here in Texas and have a lot of rings of the sort you're looking for. I've been wearing their jewelry for more than 20 years and all of the jewelry I've bought or been given, including rings, has held up very well.
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I don't know how you feel about Tiffany or frank Gehry, but they've combined to produce what I think is a simple, stunning ring.
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Karin Jacobson. I bought this ring a couple of years ago and I still love it (I wear it every day). She uses synthetic stones, though, if you're more interested in real ones.
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Have you tried ? I got my fiance an engadgement ring from there and she loves it (i proposed with the just metal one and got her a real one later on) The just metal ones are like $100 -$300.
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