Using PC Monitor for Console Games?
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How can I play console games through my computer monitor?

I have a shabby old television that I use to play my Wii on. It occurred to me the other day that I have a much better monitor that I use for PC gaming and it would be pretty nice if I could set it up to play on that.

What do I need to get to do that? I'm aware of some hardware I can buy to play through my PC for recording purposes (such as a GameBridge), but that's unnecessary for what I need and I'd like to know of cheaper alternatives.
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Response by poster: For those who don't want to click through, the monitor is an 'Acer P224Wbd Black 22" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor.'
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Plug computer into monitor via DVI. Plug Wii into monitor via VGA cable. Use monitor buttons to switch inputs. Enjoy!
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Response by poster: I just realized I'd probably (?) need a GameBridge-type accessory to listen to the game, as to my best knowledge the monitor doesn't have any sort of audio port or built-in speakers.
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The cables Tomorrowful posted have RCA out so you can hook it up to whatever external audio source you want (like your computer's speakers). According to a review it comes with an RCA to 1/8th inch plug.
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Any standard TV tuner will translate the entire signal into something your computer can process. Wading through the sea of indistinguishable brands and trying to decide on a particular one is the tough part, but you are correct that a VGA cable alone won't carry an audio signal.
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Woops, didn't notice the RCA out. I retract! Get the cable and plug the RCA out into your PC's normal speaker jack.
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Get the cable and plug the RCA out into your PC's normal speaker jack.

I wouldn't - you'd be pumping the audio from the Wii into an output.. :)

Instead, you could plug it into the PC's line in input and then use your mixer on the PC to pass through sound from the line in to the usual PC speakers. I do this on my Mac with an Xbox 360 under a similar setup.
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This or this should do what you want (via). However, these need external power and a Wii component cable (not supplied with the console, unfortunately) but the advantage of these boxes is that you can also use them with other consoles.

Alternatively, there's this, which is a Wii-specific solution.

All three carry audio signals, the boxes have an audio jack output but the cable has RCA and requires some adaptor in order to plug your computer speakers into them.
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For audio, assuming you have computer speakers, all you need is a RCA to stereo mini adapter.

46 cents at monoprice.
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