Is a seller located in New York state required to put business address on label/packaging when shipping products?
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consumer products/lawfilter: Is a seller located in New York state required to put her business address on packaging or labels when she ships her products to customers? If so, can you point me to the relevant law? I have researched this question, checked the UCC and BCL, reviewed FTC guidelines, and contacted the state attorney general's office, but to no avail. TIA.
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IANAL, but I'd be surprised if there were law requiring that. The USPS does get cranky if there's no return address, and they are not obligated to deliver anything without one.

For a more authoritative answer, I would recommend contacting the NYS Department of State:
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My cursory reading of DMM602 implies yes:

1.5.3 Required Use of Return Addresses

The sender's domestic return address must appear legibly on:

a. Mail of any class bearing a printed ancillary service request or an ancillary service request embedded within an Intelligent Mail barcode.

b. Official mail.

c. Mail paid with precanceled stamps (except Standard Mail pieces weighing 13 ounces or less and bearing a mailer's postmark in accordance with 604.3.4).

d. Matter bearing a company permit imprint.

e. Priority Mail.

f. Periodicals in envelopes or wrappers.

g. Package Services (except unendorsed Bound Printed Matter).

h. Registered Mail.

i. Insured mail.

j. Collect on delivery (COD) mail.

k. Certified Mail if a return receipt is requested.

l. Express Mail if a return receipt is requested. The return address on the Express Mail label meets this standard.

m. Detached addressed labels (DALs).
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^Assuming USPS...
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Might be easier if you tell us the problem you're trying to solve, rather than finding out whether you're required to provide it or not.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone.

torquemaniac, the shipping label will have a return address on it to meet the shipper's requirements (FedEx, USPS, etc.). My question is about the product's label or packaging -- not clear in my original question -- and whether that must list the company's business address. I've looked at various products in my office and apt for examples: vitamins, tissues, hand lotion, cigarettes all list the company name and address on the label (paper label on the vitamin bottle) or on the container (tissue box, lotion bottle, cigarette pack).

contrarian, I checked with the Dept. of State -- no guidelines there.

electroboy, there's no specific problem. A client asked this question and I've been asked to research it. So far, I haven't found anything on point. FTC guidelines, for example, only state that the company name must be listed. UCC deals with conforming shipments and times for delivery.

I'll keep searching. Thanks for all the answers.
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