Sermon illustration from Howie Hendricks
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Help me recall a message illustration I believe from Dr. Howard (Howie) Hendricks - DTS - given probably between 1970-1978. The illustration was a humorous "Job Description for a Pastor" pointing out extremes in expectations for a pastor and family.

The message I recall was on cassette and I listened to it sometime in the mid-1970’s. It was I believe originally delivered to seminary students by Dr. Howard Hendricks of DTS.
Possible title: “Priorities Amidst Pressure”. The illustration I’m trying to recreate was a humorous “Job Description for a Pastor”. It included categories for the pastor’s wife and for their children. Some of the snippets I recall:

Something about being fluent in Greek and Hebrew but normally talks like an ordinary Joe…

Pastor’s Wife
Must be both stunning and plain.
Never listens to gossip, never complains, never becomes discouraged.
Teaches Sunday School. Able to run the mimeograph machine.

Pastor’s children
. . .but generally no different from anyone else’s kids

I believe the closing line was:
Any candidate applying for this position will undergo a full psychiatric exam to determine his sanity.

Anyone else recall this illustration and/or know of a source for the tape?
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Best answer: Here's another hit -- this one cites a source: "Crusader", an American Baptist journal, March 1962.
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Response by poster: The two are very similar, but the second one has more details that I recall. That is what I was looking for. Thanks!
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