Where can I have a party in brooklyn?
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Where can I find a relatively inexpensive venue to have a party (with alcohol) in Brooklyn, NY?

A friend of mine is having his birthday this week and was hoping to have a sort of Iron Chef of cocktails party. The problem: we live in brooklyn, and even with our "spacious" Greenpoint apartments, probably couldn't fit more than 15 people in a room, and even then, you'd be shoulder to shoulder.

Is there any location that would allow for an inexpensive rental for a night? We could even provide our own furniture, and would clean up afterwards, so the ideal space would be an empty warehouse/loft. We'd like room for ~40-50 people, and the OK to have alcohol (and presumably some music, but not-so-loud).

Is this a pipe dream? Anyone have a warehouse lying around they'd let us use for some bucks?
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I'm sure there is something that will fit the bill.

What are you looking to spend, and what neighborhoods are acceptable?
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Maybe rent out a backroom at a Polish bar in Greenpoint?
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Response by poster: etc., We're in greenpoint, but willing to travel! Ideally price would be under 200? I have no idea what renting a room costs.

wcfields, we've thought about it, but if the event is making your own cocktail, I'd imagine most bars wouldn't let you do that on premises. Like showing up to a restaurant with takeout?
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Best answer: We've rented V.F.W. Halls and the like for parties (mostly in the Astoria/Woodside area), and they let you bring your own food/alcohol plus the kitsch factor is always a kick. They run in the $300 range and is likely the best you're gonna find.
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Response by poster: I went by the VFW by me (same block!) and hey said they didn't rent out. Do you have any info on ones that do? Don't mind trekkin a bit.
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I can't vouch for the space or the cost, but Refuge in Brooklyn rents out for parties (a group I've done other events with uses them for a party-rental space all the time) and appears to be the type of warehouse-y thing you're looking for.
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