USPS Nightmare
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snailmailfilter: I recently moved and the Post Office messed up my "change of address" card... for the past ten weeks, all of my mail has been forwarded to Las Vegas......

background info- Due to health issues, I have recently moved back in with my father. We share the same name (he is the "II" and I am the "III." When I moved back from Wisconsin to Michigan three months ago, I filled out two separate Change Of Address forms, as I had two mailing addresses there. My father spends his winters in Las Vegas every year.

Somehow, the USPS confused us and has been forwarding ALL of my mail to Las Vegas, despite the fact that he has been having HIS mail forwarded to Michigan. Which makes no sense to begin with, if the USPS has us confused, one would think that it would still be getting my mail sent to his CURRENT address that the USPS has in their computer.

I finally realized something was wrong as and went to the Post Office to check things out and found that all my mail has been going to Las Vegas, which I assume then all gets returned to sender. I called the trailer park he stayed at and they told me that their policy is to return any mail if someone isn't a current resident.

The worse part is that I have now lost my medicare benefits, was denied medicaid and other things along those lines because I failed to return key forms by certain dates. My Social Security is screwed up as well. I have missed three offers for freelance writing jobs, and several other things, such as magazine subscriptions, etc were all canceled....

One other key problem that is upsetting is that if my Medicare/Medicaid hadn't been screwed up, I would probably be in treatment by now for my Hodgkin's Disease.

My question is this: Is there any repercussion that I could follow? Can I sue the Postal Office? The lady at the Post Office apologized profusely but stated that there was nothing they could do except start having future mail sent to my current address.......

So aside from spending the next three days on the phone trying to explain everything to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, my banks, my agent, etc etc and sort this nightmare out, is there anything I can do to be compensated for all of this? Should I be talking to a lawyer?

Thanks in advance!
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A lawyer would help. See if you can't talk directly to the postmaster. You should request immediately by letter that the timelines be reset due to the problem. Usually the standard is for "good cause shown."

At least your mail was having fun.
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