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I am looking for a TV to put downstairs. I was shopping at bestbuy and I found a floor model for sale.

It is an LG 37" 1080p 60hz. They are not carrying this model anymore so it was marked down to $499.00. I talked to the manager and she said the lowest she was willing to go was $435.00. This seems like a decent price but my hold ups are that it is a floor model with no in store warranty (all it has is a mfs 1 year warranty.) It has been on all the time and Lord only knows how long it has been there. They also told me that they would have to look for the remote. My question is: Is it a steal for the price? Or should I quit being cheap and spend another 100-200 bucks or so to get a new one in the box? Bonus question: Where could I get a 37-40 inch 1080p 60 hz flat screen for around $500.00 bucks brand new from a good manufacturer?
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I bought a floor model at Best Buy 10 years ago and it still up and running. I don't know it goes that well every time. I guess I got lucky......
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I'd get the specific model number and run a google search/ check Amazon reviews to see if it was prone to any problems. I'd also check the forums at AV Science for any reviews. Those guys know everything about TVs and AV gear.

You might want to also check to see the replacement cost of the model-specific remote, just in case the store can't find it. It may add $30-50 to the cost.

Also, Newegg carries TVs now. They can sort by price or screen size, so it's a good comparison shopping tool even if you'd rather purchase locally.
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I bought a floor model Samsung (46" 1080p LCD) at Best Buy for a good price last winter. As you said, they need to clear room for the new model.

Check review for the specific model, and if they are half-decent, I'd say go for it. Just make sure to properly adjust the colors once you get it inside.
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More anecdata: I bought a 42" Samsung floor model at Best Buy last year. Exactly the same situation, mine was a model that got good reviews but for some reason had a very short product life cycle. It's been great - no problems whatsoever.

Seconding checking out reviews online. You should be able to get an idea of when the model line debuted, so you'll know how long (at most) the unit has been sitting there on the floor. According to this, LCDs are listed as having a lifespan of 30000-60000 hours. Even if the unit has been left on 24 hours a day for a year, you'll still get a lot of use out of the TV (especially once you turn off the showroom settings).
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