There's a rat in the drain!
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[Book/Story-filter] Trying to place a book or maybe short story from my youth (child of the late 70s-80s). The only thing I can remember is a guy going swimming at the Y. He thinks he sees a towel stuck in the drain at the bottom of the pool, but once he gets down there he realizes it is a rat coming out of the drain. It could be a really popular book for all I know. I just know that it scared the crap out of me and still freaks me out to this day a bit. Any ideas?
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This book is Frank Bonham's Mystery of the Fat Cat. The chapter was called "The Thing in the Pool." It's been years but I remember it vividly.
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That's totally it, thank you! There's no way I would have remembered anything else, but reading the review brought a little more of it back.

Thanks again!
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