Help me find A5 diary refills in any colour other than white?
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Where can I find A5 diary page refills in anything other than white?

They don't have to be branded Filofax but I'd love to find a set of A5 diary pages for 2010 in the "Day per Page Diary (5 Language)" style. Filofax don't seem to do the "cotton cream" in A5 so as long as the 6 punched holes will fit, I don't care who makes them. Bonus points for being able to order them online!
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Any print shop with a hole press (generally, any old-school print shop; the franchise Zip-o-Printo probably won't) will make these for you out of any paper you like. You can always phone and ask to save yourself a trip, too.

Bring a few pages the right size with the correct holes as a template, and they'll use it as a guide on the hole press (which is really a big drill) after cutting the paper to the size you need on yet another large and dangerous machine.

Yeah, I had fun as a teenager. And yet, I still have all my fingers. Lucky.
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Response by poster: That's a great idea rokusan, thanks! If I can't find them ready made I'll definitely try and find a local printer willing and able. Actually, I could provide a pdf of the pages to presumably save money. Hmm, much food for thought!

Happy to hear that you still have all your fingers!
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