Gluten free pizza in Portland?
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Can you recommend a pizza place in Portland, Oregon, that has gluten-free options?

I am just visiting Portland, so I don't know many places to eat. My son cannot eat gluten, but I'm craving pizza. Are there any pizza joints in town that offer gluten-free dough? Thanks!
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While I don't personally know of one, I am sure it exists. If you don't find an answer here, post your question to the Portland community on They have a very active and helpful community of people that will weigh in on any question imaginable.
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oasis pizza at 37th & hawthorne.
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A search on yelp brings up a few possibilities -- without reading through the comments too carefully (so double check me, probably I would call them and ask), it looks like you have at least the following options:

Mississippi Pizza Pub - 3552 N Mississippi Ave - (503) 288-3231 -
Picazzo's Gourmet Pizza and Salads - 8000 SE 13th Ave - (503) 238-7255 -
Bellagios Pizza - 9055 SW Barbur Blvd - (503) 244-1737 -
Oasis Cafe - 3701 SE Hawthorne Boulevard - (503) 231-0901 -
Flying Pie Pizzeria - 7804 SE Stark St - (503) 254-2016 -
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erg, probably could have made those links, you know, actually links. Sorry about that.
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Disclaimer: I like gluten and it likes me.

There are a number of pizza places identified as being gluten-free friendly here. Will you be in the city itself? I've eaten at Pacazzo's a few times, and it was good.

I've not eaten at Garlic Jim's, but they make a big deal of their gluten-freeness. If you'll be out in the suburbs, that may be a better bet.
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of those, i'd have to say mississippi has the tastiest regular pizza…i just live a couple blocks aaway from oasis and it's always pretty popular, i just don't like the sauce they use.
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Oh, and I can recommend the Mississippi Pizza Pub from brainmouse's list, too. From reading that link, you may not be able to get it by the slice, though.
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Oasis does not offer gluten-free by the slice either...from what I understand, it's a bit pricier than the normal dough, so they can't afford to make a whole gluten free pizza ahead of time and risk the slices not getting purchased. But you can totally get a whole pizza. I had an Oasis pizza tonight!
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+1 for Mississippi Pizza Pub, their gluten-free vegan pizza tastes better than most regular pizzas I've had in my life.
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Pisces & Virgo on NW 21st advertises gluten-free pizza.
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