Tha ma ra boum de hé (not the dirty schoolyard chant)
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Can anybody track down a version of "Tha ma ra boum de hé" or "Tah Rah Rah Boom Di Ay" performed on solo accordion (no vocals or anything)? A digital version is preferred but if I need to track down an old LP somewhere I'm willing to go on a quest.
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"Tha ma ra boum de hé"

?? That is a spelling I have never seen before. The most common spelling is "Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay", with "Ta Ra Ra Boom Di Ay" a close second. It was originally "Ta Ra Ra Boom Der E" but one rarely sees that.

I say this not to be super nitpicky, but because knowing the more common spellings might help you find what you're looking for.
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Thanks. Yeah, there are about a million variations on the spelling (as evidenced here) but I can't seem to stumble across an accordion version amongst them.
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Walt Solek has a polka-band version which is heavy on the accordion on Rhapsody. Not solo accordion, though.

there are about a million variations on the spelling

True, but I think that the three I gave are the ones that are going to be on printed sheet music, so they are probably key to include in any searches. The song's only a bit over 100 years old.
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