Need more live punk rock, please.
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I work too much and don't get out anymore. Help me acquire some (more) great live punk rock albums/DVDs.

I'll keep it clean and just let you know what I have and what I'm into all at once:

CDs I already own:
Avail - Live at the Bottom of the Hill / VMLive Fireside Bowl / At the King's Head Inn
Buzzcocks - French
Subhumans (UK) - Bristol Bootleg
Bouncing Souls - Live (2xCD)
Dropkick Murphys - The Singles Collection Vol 1 (McColgan era, only half of which is live)
NOFX - I Heard They Suck Live

Minutemen - We Jam Econo Disc 2 (live stuff)
Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Eyeballs (the bonus disc that came with the 25th anniv. edition of FFfRV)
American Hardcore - the Doc, which has a lot of great live footage

What else should I add to my collection? Looking for stuff that is well-recorded and well done.
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Mission of Burma - The Horrible Truth About Burma
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Best answer: - Cramps - Rockin and Reelin' in Aukland New Zealand, not quite punk like what you've listed but a good rocking album and a decent recording
- Evillive by the Misfits includes a fun version of Rollins singing "we are 138" with the band
- Similarly X Live in Los Angeles is really only sort of punk but it's a great album with great production values.
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Devo - Live 1980 - which is a DualDisc, live video on one site, live CD on the other.
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Butthole Surfers! Here's their live bootlegs page, and the albums are free for download. (One of the albums' links may not work.)
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Best answer: Flipper's Blow'in Chunks is a classic.
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Best answer: The Clash - From Here to Eternity: Live
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Best answer: ah ha ha ha, here we go gents

  • Stiff Little Fingers, Hanx [1980] — this is a fucking lost classic (like all the Stiff Little Fingers discs from that three-year period) and a very, very good live punk disc.
  • Television, The Blow-Up [1978] — this is an essential but unfortunately forgotten document of how awesome Television was as a live band.
  • Bad Brains, Black Dots [1979] — a live demo from Don Zientara's basement which absolutely no one who enjoys loud, fast music should be without, and which is surprisingly superior to their entire recorded output
  • X Ray Spex, Live At The Roxy [1977] — one of the very best live punk albums of the late seventies; they were ahead of their time, they were
  • Suicide, 23 Minutes Over Brussels [1978] — ends with an actual riot. That's why it was so short. Ultra-rare bootleg now available with the reissue of Suicide's seminal first album.
  • The Stranglers, Live (X Cert) [1977-78] — very good
  • The Internet Archive has around 25 live bootlegs of the Minutemen which are available for free and legal (i.e. band-approved) download
    A few old concert bootlegs never commercially released, download links via this Joy Division / New Order bootleg blog:
  • The Buzzcocks, The Clash, and the Sex Pistols live at the Screen on Islington Green, August 29, 1976 [ link | download 1, 2 ]
  • Siouxsie and the Banshees live at the Roxy Theater, London [ link | download ]
  • The Buzzcocks live at Band On The Wall, Manchester, November 1976 [ link | download ]
  • The Sex Pistols live at the Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall, June 4, 1976 [ link | download ] — the concert attended by the soon-to-be Buzzcocks (who arranged it), Morrissey, future members of Joy Division, and Mark E Smith, all of whom went straight out afterwards and formed bands.

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    Best answer: Black Flag's "Who's Got the 10 1/2?" and "Live '84" are both excellent live documents, at many points better than the album versions.

    Also there's a live disc by ALL on Epitaph which comes with a bonus live disc by their previous/alternative incarnation, the mighty Descendents (the latter is miles better than the former).
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    one more I remembered:

    Broken Bones: F.O.A.D. (half of it is studio, half is really great live)

    ...and one I bet would be pretty good, but I haven't heard:

    Agnostic Front: Live at CBGB's
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    Best answer: the Ramones: It's Alive - truly fuckn awesome

    also, Bad Brains: The Youth Are Getting Restless - also awesome (the rendition of At The Movies on this album is epic!)
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    Seconding Jammy's suggestions as well as the Flag. I'll offer The Vandals' Sweatin' to the Oldies.
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    Best answer: Husker Du: The Living End is really, really righteous.
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    Response by poster: Thanks a bunch folks! My heart and head love you. My bank account, not so much.
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