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I once read an old cookbook that, at the end, had a recipe for saint. I want to find it again. Any clues?

It was for the most part a serious cookbook, though either old or eccentric enough that its recipes included instructions like "shoot the pheasants and hang them for several days", but at the end it had several tongue-in-cheek recipes, one of which, as mentioned, was for saint; it advised the chef that, if the saint was genuine, he would advise the chef as to when he was done (like St. Lawrence). I haven't been able to google it up.
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Best answer: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec & Maurice Joyant : The Art of Cuisine
My personal favorite, "Saint sur le Gril (Saint on the Grill)", requires the assistance of the Vatican in procuring a real saint.
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Many cities have groups of culinary historians (I belong to the one in New York, and I know there are ones in Boston, Chicago, and Southern CA). One of these groups will probably have the best information as to what the book was, and they field questions like this fairly frequently.
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