Reading a dialogue in a british accent.
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I need someone to record this dialogue in a british accent. Where/How?

I have an oral test this wednesday and practicing for it would be much easier if I had the chance to listen a native reading it.

I don't know a lot of people with that kind of accent and I don't want to bother them with this kind of thing so, I'm wondering, what alternatives do I have? Thanks.

It has to be RP/british because that's the english our course uses and evaluates. It doesn't need to be RP but it has to be clear/standard enough to pass as stereotypical british.
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Our house is happy to offer up its native Brit and can do it for you (and would be happy to) tomorrow, if another MeFite can't do it sooner!
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Best answer: Sent - it's in your gmail!
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You need to be careful what you are asking for here: "British" could mean a Scottish, Welsh or Irish accent and even if you say "English" there are regional accents that are more different from RP than a typical American from US films or TV would be. So make sure you're asking for "Standard English or RP" when you find one.
If I had a microphone I'd do it for you right now but alas I don't.
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What nowonmai said. I'd offer but I'm Scottish. I think you need someone in England, probably Southern England.
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What the hell is that dialogue? Are you going to cut it up and rearrange it to make a "poison pen" phone call???
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(Also - I took RP to mean 'bbc news presenter from the 1920s' which is very definitely an English accent - for any future reference. Good luck!)
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Staffordshire (Midlands) accent here. Let me know if you want another to add to Augenblick's submission.
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Response by poster: DarlingBri: Much appreciated, thanks. :)

Augenblick: You rock, thank you!

mr. strange: I have no idea. The only explanation I have about the weirdness of the dialogue is that it's supossed to have most features of connected speech (like intrusive R in 'Australia all out'). I suspect that she took some examples and made them a dialogue without caring about context.

nowonmai and fire&wings: I was thinking about that when I added the note in my question but yes, I should've put it in the summary.

arcticseal: I'd be very thankful. The more samples I have, the more chances I get to listen all the features of speech the test is supposed to evaluate.

Thanks all!
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Best answer: I sent along a recording to your gmail address. My accent isn't quite RP but I don't have a strong regional accent (or so people tell me!) so it should hopefully be suitable.

Good luck with your test!
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Response by poster: Thanks badmoonrising and Augenblick for your recordings. I got kinda nervous while I was recording but it was a lot better than last time thanks to them.
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