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OK, I've searched all over the internet, MeFi and tons of blogs. I've learned a lot, but I haven't found what I'm looking for. I want to carve a simple ring design for my girlfriend, out of jewelers wax, then send it to a professional silversmith and have it cast. Now I could do it myself, but I neither have the space nor the equipment to do it properly. So yes I have seen and read just about every tutorial about DIY casting. So...anyone out there know where I could find an actual silversmith, only found one, they want a minimum of 25 pieces....
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Have you tried the alchemy section of etsy?
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The best place to ask is your local jewellery/jewellery repair store/watchmaker.
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I majored in metal smithing at University, and this is something I would have been happy to do for the cost of materials plus a little extra for my time and trouble. Check out the websites for the fine art departments of local universities and send an email to the metalwork instructors - they will be able to pass your info on to students who have the skills and ability to do this for you. It's highly doubtful that the instructor would recommend someone who couldn't do the job, and do it well - but obviously you'll want to take a look at his or her work before you seal the deal.
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Yeah, I agree with fire&wings -- just go to your local jeweler (the independently-owned kind, not the chain stores). Most do custom work and if you can find one that specializes in custom jobs, then bonus.
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And please don't be put off by the fact that these are students - a simple wax-cast ring in silver is first semester stuff, if you're working with someone at the end of a BFA or at MFA level, the quality and finish will be of a professional level.
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If you don't have a local university, is there an artist's guild/school near you? When I lived in Dallas, the local guild had excellent equipment which people could use by enrolling in a class. You could do it yourself or find a student there to do it.
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I have a friend who's a jeweler and could do it for you. He's in the Philadelphia area; don't know where you are. Feel free to memail me if you want his contact info.
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Oddball suggestion for you. . . find a dental school, and have a student do it. When they learn about wax casting, they often have the opportunity to make rings, etc. A starving student, with mad skillz certainly wouldn't mind it if you threw them a few bucks to do the job.
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you dont want a jeweler, you want a caster. most jewelers dont bother doing their own casting because it's a big pain in the ass and there are plenty of pros who will do a perfect job for literally just a few bucks (plus the cost of metal) you can generally get your piece back the next day if you're lucky. search for "casting house" or some variation, if you're in or near a decent sized city it should be easy to find. for the record, i am a professional artist.
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I did something similar a few years back. I had to visit a few shops before I got a referral to a caster, but it was a pretty routine job for them.
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I understand you read a lot and probably came across this, but would PMC Clay work for your project?
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