How can I make mindmaps that export to outline format?
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I am frequently take education courses delivered as power point video presentations. I've found that using a mindmap is a good way for me to record the information. However, while the map is great, it's not as useful for review. I'm wondering how I can export a mindmap to an outline format on any platform?

I've been using Mindomo now for some time as an online mindmap platform that can also run locally using Adobe Air. I assume it's pretty similar to other mindmap services like MindMeister.

If you want to review a map, you have to open the mindmap, which can be pretty large and if printed, take up to 10 or more pages to capture everything.

So, while the map has a lot of utility, I would really like to have it as an outline format as well. The outline format should preserve the hierarchy of the topics and subtopics in the mindmap which lend it much of its intelligibility. Plus the outline is much more compact.

Mindomo can export a map in a variety of formats including text, .rtf, Mindomo native format, PDF, and Mindjet format.

The graphic exports are basically the map in another picture format. The text exports are line listings of the copy with no formatting. If you want to recreate the sense of the original, you have to go through line by line and tab like mad until you've arrived at something like an outline format.

Is there any mindmap platform that will do this, or a methodology for doing same? As yet I have not been able to find a program or site that does this.

Caveats: no budget for high-end software.
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Best answer: You have come to the right place. FreeMind for the mind mapping (or any software that can save in/export to FreeMind format) which can then be imported by ToDoList. ToDoList can export to a number of useful formats as well, if needed. Highly recommended.
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Response by poster: Cool. Great response. I'm on a Mac primarily but I can easily use Windows when needed. I can do the mindmap on any platform then use Windows/ToDoList to export to other formats as needed.

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I can't talk about the win side of life. My suggestions won't be free....

I really like how quick MindMap Manager is...and Novamind.

Both export OPML (Outliner Processor Markup Language) - and Omnioutliner imports it.

I don't use OmniGraffle, but it exports direclty in OmniOutliner and Visio XML formats.
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Response by poster: Freemind can export a document directly to Open Office format. My version of Open Office whines a bit about a corrupted file but then repairs and opens the file in outline format. I like the interface, so it seems like Freemind is the program I'll be using.
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