I need help locating an article about how single men are more successful than married men.
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Looking for an article regarding the fact that single men are responsible for more social breakthroughs than are married men/fathers.

Several months (possibly a couple years) ago, I remember reading an article regarding a study that determined that single men are responsible for more breakthroughs in the science world (for example) than are married men. The article outlined the how and why of these results. I believe it possibly also mentioned the health-boosting effects of long-term relationships over the health-diminishing nature of the bachelor lifestyle.

However, my Google-fu skills have failed me in locating this article again. Anyone out there know what I'm talking about?
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Did you mean "science breakthroughs" rather than "social breakthroughs" in the front page question?

If so, this NPR story discusses a paper on the topic.
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yeah, I read that. I feel like it was on Slate for some reason, but I can't find it either.
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just found this: Marriage is not good for science and crime, which I don't specifically remember reading, but it fits the bill. there were probably several articles that reported on this same study.
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