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Feeling a little bleh, and like I need to get out of the house for a bit. Problem: it's the middle of the night. Suggestions?

It's 2:15am. I live in a small town and there's nothing open right now. I don't feel like caling anyone up. I'm itching to get outside but I have no idea what to do once I'm out my front door. FWIW, I'm a 40 min walk from the nearest decent city and a two hour walk from Tel Aviv proper, but I don't feel like an insanely long walk. Just, what will keep me occupied, other than bringing a book or my mp3 player?
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Also, I'm insanely jet-lagged, so I'm not going to go to sleep (I woke up at 8pm after having slept twelve hours).
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Walk around and look for places/signs that would make for cool pictures when it's light out?
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Do you have a decent field or other open space near you to go look at stars?

If so, spend 20 minutes surfing the internet looking for good info on the different constellations, print out some info on spotting them (this step optional if you have a good memory), and grab a blanked and warm fleece to go lie down in said field and find as many constellations as possible.

I'm assuming that living in a small town that is a 2-hr walk from Tel Aviv means you don't have too much light pollution. This may not work if you're close enough to a city that you can't actually see more than 10-15 stars at night.
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anytime i go for walks i like to look for little things to pick up (flowers, coins, interesting leaves or stones, random discarded whatnots). i'm always surprised what i find when i look around at the ground instead of straight ahead. might not be as easy at night-time if you're in a rural area, but maybe you could bring a flashlight?
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Taking photos would be nice, I am right now looking for my camera's charger. Also, I'll clarify my location: I live in Ramat Hasharon which is pretty much across the highway from Tel Aviv, but the far north end so not really central Tel Aviv where there's stuff to do in the middle the night. Which also, to answer a.steele, means it's not really a rural area. It's a separate city but it's very small, so more like a suburb.
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Have you tried just jogging somewhere safe? It might make you more awake during the time you are jogging, but will be unlikely to do any real long term harm (such as getting shitfaced or going out for another 5 hours might).
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Assuming it's clear weather, go look at the stars. Lie down on your back somewhere and stare up.
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Bike is good at night.
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I think I'll go stargazing, thanks guys. I printed out a map of the constellations seen this time of year and some information on the mythology of major constellations, so that should keep me interested.
If I get restless or bored with that, I'll try somethign else.
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Same problem; 24 hours ago.
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I do what SirStan does and wander around and take long shutter exposure pictures with my camera.
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So I'm covered for tonight, but this happens to me often, and maybe to other people who might stumble upon this thread, so consider it still very much open.
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In the event that weather doesn't permit you to wander about outside for very long, I find that I am most creative very late at night so I dabble around the internet finding things that inspire me and then sing/write/draw/etc. Lately I've taken to just buying random craft-making items (especially those that have dual purposes around the house) so that whenever I'm in the mood I don't need to go out and get the supplies, as by the time I get back I'm usually no longer in the mood.

Right now I'm trying woodburning to create wax seals and stencils for spraypainting boxes and bags to be used for gifts. Just things that I know I would like to use later on or receive myself.
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Chill. Think. Wait for the sun to rise. Grab some tea! You're lucid at a time when one usually isn't. Take advantage of the situation.
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great thread.. love the stargazing idea and some nice pics too....hmmm... I think I will go for a walk..thanks for the inspiration.
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i usually get some work done :)
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Look for local (urban) wildlife. Photograph/sketch them.
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I recommend leaving your book and mp3 player at home. Re-acquaint yourself with the sound of your own mind and your environment.
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