Is a valid email extension?
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Is a valid email extension?

Hi, all. I feel slightly ignorant asking this question, but I can't seem to find an answer on the general intertubes. I am a public librarian, and I was just helping a gentleman send an email to his brother. He insisted that the address his brother gave him was I told him that typically yahoo email addresses end in .com, but he was pretty adamant about the address. We sent the email to both places- and, and the email bounced back, but the email didn't. Typing in takes you to the regular home page. Does anyone have any insight into this conundrum?
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Well, exists and accepts mail, but it has an entirely separate set of mailservers and IP addresses from OTOH, they are registered to the same Yahoo as Hm.
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In the old days, .net was intended for companies that were involved in maintaining internet infrastructure (eg Demon employees were on, while Demon customers were on Maybe his brother was simply a Yahoo! employee.
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More hm:

It seems unlikely that it's a free email address, but it's definitely an active URL 99% likely to be under Yahoo's control.

Otherwise it is an elaborate and boring hoax.
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Maybe his brother was simply a Yahoo! employee.

As far as I know, is what they use for employee addresses.
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They use for various development sites (see e.g., so maybe the gentleman's brother works for them?
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Seems like Some promotion they ran in 2006, and they still haven't updated the page. here's another article. Weird.
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If you're asking about the domain, take a look at its whois record. Since it's a yahoo owned domain, it seems reasonable that they can use it for email.
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It seems to be an address that customers were forced to change to.
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Thanks for the feedback, folks! Mostly, this guy had no idea what he was doing, so I was shocked that the email went through at all. He was also trying to send a gmail email through google. As in, typing the email in the google search box. :/
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