What are the exact dimensions of Captain America's shield?
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I'm making a lightweight replica of Captain America's shield (the modern-day circular one), most likely with PVC in a laser router machine. The only dimensions I can secure online are that it's 30 inches in diameter, but I can't find any info on thickness and concave depth. Anyone know the missing dimensions I need? Bonus points if there exist specifics on the width of the color bars but I'm pretty sure that part I can eyeball during painting. Thanks!
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Best answer: This licensed replica is 30" in diameter and 4" deep. It's 12lbs and made of steel.

The thickness is not given, but if you assume that it was actually a flat disc it would be .06 inches thick, assuming the density of typical mild steel. Since the curved shield actually has more area than a flat disc, it would necessarily be somewhat thinner. But on the other hand, a thicker shield would probably be more impressive, and you won't have to worry so much about weight.
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