How to make a Flaming Moe cocktail from the Simpsons
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Help me figure out how to make a Flaming Moe (Flaming Homer) for a Simpsons Costume Party tonight, please!

1) Yes, I'm open to actually using children's cough syrup, though not thrilled about it.
2) It absolutely must catch on fire
3) I've seen the stock recepes online and they look disgusting.

So, have any ideas about how to make a decent Flaming Moe?
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Isn't it bits of all the booze you have, plus cough medicine and then lighting it?

I reckon it'll be fun testing it anyway :)
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Take a look at this previous question on burning alcohol.
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I've made flaming shots, and they involve floating Bacardi 151 on top of the drink. You can't just pour it in, though, you have to float it with a spoon. There are videos on youtube that show you how to do that, but it's really not hard.

As a kid I hated every cough syrup I tried until I found Delsym, which tastes pretty good! I'd recommend using that. (And don't think you can get away with not using cough syrup, sir.)
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Can't help you with the drink, but you should be sure to play this while drinking...
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Yes you can get away with not using cough syrup. and for the sake of anyone who drinks this I highly recommend you don't actually use it.
My recommendation is to buy a big bottle of nyquil (because of its distinct color you see), empty it out and refill it with blue curaço, heavy corn syrup (like karo) and some green food dye. mix it up until you get a reasonable fascimile of color and texture. Then put it out on the bar. For the actual drink then you can use any recipe that calls for Curaço and use 151 for the lighting on fireness. if you're using a juice mixer, probably go easy on the flamitude unless you like the taste of burnt grapefruit.
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Dimetapp is awesome. We used to pretend to have cough/sore throat because the grape taste is fantastic.
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Dimetapp is indeed awesome. I loved that stuff as a kid. mmmmm grape!

You absolutely need to use cough syrup in a Flaming Moe.
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I agree with Cold Lurkey except I think you should use a Dimetapp bottle. If I recall correctly Krusty-brand children's cough syrup is purple. Mmm, purple.
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(in order of relative abundance)

Blue Curacao
and 151 floated on top
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if you go with the dimetapp, then you can simply substitute red for green food dye to get that sickly purple.
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Of course, you could always put Grenadine in a bottle of Robitussin. Who's gonna know?
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I thought the main point of drinking cough syrup was DXM - in which case you need to read up on Olney's lesions before doing this to any actual friends... Agreeing with everybody else that fake cough syrup is the way to go with this.
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I'd probably base it on a Long Island. Throw in a half ounce of all the clear liquors (vodka, gin, rum, and tequila), a half ounce triple sec, half ounce lemon juice, and a half ounce of cough syrup. Shake it, top it with 151, light and drink (put out the flame before you drink, naturally).
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If I actually wanted to drink the flaming thing after I made it (and I would want to drink it), I'd make a Cosmo, add a drop of blue food coloring to make it purple, and float a bit of everclear on top to light.
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For the record, many people think that Southern Comfort tastes an awful lot like cough syrup. Insert that into Cold Lurkey's suggestion, and I think that you might have a winner.
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