My girlfriend is getting a bit suspicious that I keep googling for a "nice rack."
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I can't believe I'm asking this, but I want a magazine rack next to my toilet and can't seem to find one anywhere that doesn't look like it belongs at my grandparents' house.

Dimensions about 6 1/2" width (from toilet to wall), the height is less important, and the depth is up to 17" or so.
Ideally, it would be a like a simple metal bin, but not weaved wire, wire mesh, or plastic thing. It'd be nice if it looked sturdy.
I'm in NYC and I'd love to see it and pick it up in person if possible. I went to all these yuppie furniture places (like ABC Carpet and Home) and came up completely empty handed. Does anyone know where I can pick up a cool industrial looking magazine rack or a simple metal box with roughly those dimensions? If it's not in NYC, that's fine. I just need a place to store the current month worth of magazines.

I promise my next question will involve the overthrow of the capitalist state.
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Office Depot?

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This one is simple but still interesting and well-designed. But this one you might like more because it's metal and not plastic (just search within the blog for "magazine" and it'll take you down to this Chiasso rack). I can't really help with the whole NYC thing, but another option if you really don't want to order online is to build your own. I got a ton of hits for "DIY magazine rack" on Google, and many of them were made from components from Ikea.
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I'm sure you can find something you like from Chiasso's selection.
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For another option, I have a really skinny wire cart that fits between my toilet and sink. It's got three levels, so it's good for keeping extra rolls of TP and bottles of hydrogen peroxide and all sorts of clunky stuff, but I can fit something like ten magazines and three novels in the top. (It's kind of like a basket, with sides on it.) I wish I could remember where I got it; it was probably Bed, Bath and Beyond.
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You might try checking gardening stores or hardware stores--they should have an assortment of galvanized metal containers, and you may be able to find one with the right dimensions.
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How about one of these? They don't say "Grandma's house" to me, and the one I have, with the two-roll tp rod below, collects less dust than just about anything else in my house.
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Here's one for 17 bucks at Target. BBB also has some like those Pottery Barn ones for about half as much.
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Why not adopt a very high-fibre diet and take away the need for a magazine rack in the bathroom?!

Seriously, I bought a magazine rack from Ikea that screwed to the wall - a bit like those things you see in travel agents with stacks of magazines on - made from thick wire. I haven't seen them for years, though, but I know Ikea always has funky ideas from time to time that might work for you.
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Droog straps are funky, will hold magazines, and come in a few colors.
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God I wish my wife would let me do this.
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We used a music stand for a while for this. Adjustable height, holds quite a few magazines, and a fun accessory that mitigates the inherent weirdness of crapping through a hole in your reading chair.
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Try googling library furniture magazine racks.
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