Ideas for Baked Goods/Confectionary Exchange
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I'm participating in a baked goods/confectionary exchange. What are some things I can make that can be easily packed and that won't spoil/stale during shipping?
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Cookies have always worked for me - I 've always liked shortbread, snickerdoodles and sugar cookies as they don't melt as easily as brownies and fudge.
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I just made a batch of toffee. It is quick, cheap and easy. and oh. so. good.
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If you throw a piece of bread in with the cookies, it will help keep them tasting fresh. I used to get cookies shipped from a restaurant and they would use a hamburger bun. The moisture from the bun would transfer to the cookies.

As for ideas that should be fine on their own-- anything dense will work pretty well, e.g., oatmeal raisin cookies, fudge, as should anything that's already meant to be on the drier side, e.g., shortbread, biscotti, ginger crisps, etc, as long as you can keep them from breaking.
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Nanaimo bars They don't look like they'll ship, but they do, totally. Put wax or parchment between layers.
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Salted chocolate caramels, but I think they're better without the salt.

Fleur de sel caramels, better with extra salt.
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Brownies or blondies, really any kind of sturdy bar cookie; can be packed neatly without a lot of wasted space. Gingerbread cookies are sturdy and keep well.
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