Mobile phone with dual SIM, wifi and SIP protocol support
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Do you know mobile producers which provide dual SIM mobiles with wifi supporting SIP protocol?

I pendle between two countries, so decreasing my communication bills with a piece of convenience is welcome. Under convenience I mean having one instrument for talking, instead of several ones or one, where I change SIM cards. My vision is to have a mobile which can have two SIM cards, has the ability to access network through wifi.. so when I get home it can automatically identify that it sees a familiar network, it connects and puts me to VOIP provider through SIP. No need to change cards, and at home it is possible to call for less.

The mobile operators does not have the interest to provide offers for such machines, but I found some quite interesting producers:, .

It seems there similar things out there. Do you have hints for other ones? Can you recommend good ones? Other things like the camera, 3G support, OS are also interesting, would be good to have wider spectrum to choose from. But the most important is to have 2 SIM support with wifi and have to know SIP protocol..
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The only option I could find was something called an F003 that looks like an iPhone and (supposedly) has all of those features. That it is only mentioned on weird sites and in a wholesale form means you should probably do a lot of research, probably at
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For the first part of your quesitons I found several options here. Similar searches on bring up other varieties but you may need to check if they will deliver to you. China and India have large varieties of dual sim phone because they (at least India) doesnt yet allow number protabiity. So if you are passing through either country thats where I would buy one from.
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