Best place to buy scrubs in Austin, TX?
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Please help me find flattering scrubs -- the uniform, not the TV comedy -- in Austin, TX. Complication: I have lots of curves! Do you have a brick and mortar recommendation?

I am about 5'6" and normally wear a size 16 - 18. My figure is VERY busty, but only mildly hippy with slim legs.

Do you have a style or brand recommendation for scrubs for me? Is there a brick and mortar store with a wide selection so I can try stuff on?

I start a new scrubs-requiring job on Monday! Help!
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I wear scrubs to work as well. I find that scrubs cut specifically for women are very flattering and tone down the bustiness. Stay away from any of the cheaper brand unisex scrub tops. Also, since I tend to be a little on the busty side, I only wear solids, which look way better than crazy prints on me. The prints just seem to make the boobies look bigger!

I love the brand Koi, as well as Urbane scrubs. Once you find a bricks and mortar store to try some on (and since you need them soon), try online next time. They are typically cheaper once you know what you're looking for.

Good luck at your new job!
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If you're not opposed to Walmart, they have a nice selection of scrubs. Just buy enough to get you started and then ask your coworkers if they have a catalog at work (my daughter works at a nursing home and they get lots of catalogs to choose from). The catalogs will have way more options than any brick and mortar stores, and if you combine your order with co-workers you can usually get a quantity discount.
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They are based in Austin and have a store off Koenig,
Lots of people swear by them.
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Depending on how thrifty you are or need to be, Goodwill and the Salvation Army stores sell scrubs of all sizes.
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I really like IguanaMed scrubs. Their pants especially are cut to be curvy and cute.
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Ugh. I hear ya. I just tried on scrubs in stores, bought some here and there, until I found the ones I liked and now I just buy that style online for pretty cheap. I like Cherokee 4101s. They have an elastic waist in the back and a tie in the front so the waist is adjustable and doesn't sink down on my hips too much. Then the leg has a little flair at the bottom - like a boot cut jean that's slightly more stylish than typical straight leg scrubs. The link is for $13.99 but I usually find them online somewhere for around $11.99. The XL would be size 16-18. Sometimes they have these in brick/mortar stores. I would just hit the stores in your town and try on lots of different brands.
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Oh my comment above is just the pants. For our work it's ok to wear a t-shirt with your scrub pants so that's what I do. When I need a top I like to wear these short sleeve snap jackets with a tee under them - open like a jacket. I just hate the way scrub tops look on me - all boxy.

A lot of women look cute in Urbane Scrubs that fresh-rn mentions. Dickies too.

The Grey's Anatomy scrubs look nice too - but seem pricey to me.
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I was about to recommend Anchor Wear behind Seton hospital but I tried to look them up and they have closed their retail location. Rats!

I got some nice scrubs from a lady at this indoor flea market thing on (far) North Lamar in about... 2004. I think the brand was something like "Mobb" but I can't remember exactly. Sorry I don't have more info.

Good luck in your quest!
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