Outback Clock Wrong Twice a Day
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How can I get my elapsed time/"journey time" clock working again on my 2006 Outback?

I bought this car used in June and it's been a great car with one niggling little annoyance: the "journey timer" as part of the on-board computer has stopped working.

Initially when I first got the car, it would work 9 out of 10 times and on that 10th time would just display three dashes.

Within the last few weeks or so, it's stopped working at all. It shows three dashes at all times.

A minor annoyance and the owner's manual doesn't have any information about this from what I can tell.

Anybody know what is going on? Hoping it's a quick and easy fix like reset the on board computer or something.
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You probably have better luck with such a specific question here:

posted by intermod at 7:21 PM on October 1, 2009

Also, typically, any problem you have with a car has been seen a gazillion times over on those model-specific forums, so do a search first.

With my car (not a Subaru) it's A) the windshield washer tank, B) the rain drain plugs, C) LCD-dimming rearview mirror, and D) the cruise control. Yay Audi.
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I will give the forums a shot, thanks.

I did Google before I asked and couldn't find anything, usually I have good luck here.
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For future Googlers:


Answer seems to be that you should pause at ON before starting the engine. Haven't tried it yet, but I will in the morning.
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