Trying to print Word documents with a specific preset from the Finder. Impossible?
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OS X (10.5) Printing difficulties: Trying to print Word documents with a specific preset from the Finder. Impossible?

I hate clicking documents open to print and then having to close them. I have to print up about 20 word documents in a folder multiple times every week - those documents should be printed with a 4x4 layout - single sided. (n-up 4 in CUPs speak) - I'm switching from Windows and in windows I had two printers installed (actually the same printer) with different layout options, so all I had to do was make sure the default printer was the one with right layout options. However, on OS X presets seem to be ignored if you print from the finder [Finder |File |Print], it goes with the "Standard" preset no matter how I try it, from the automator, the terminal, applescript. If I open it directly in Word, the correct preset always shows up as the default preset.

Things I've tried:
I've located the PPD file and didn't see an option to set up the N-Up 4x4 as an option anywhere.

I've option clicked the print button with the correct preset.

I've tried switching the printer preset in the terminal.

I've tried using the automator, with the supplied word 2008 actions.

I've looked at the cups documentation, and see that there is an option for using the 4x4, I'm just not sure how I would go about setting that option for a specific printer instance, or how I would print to to that specific printer instance - any clues?
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You'll need to create a new printer instance with the n-up value set.

lpoptions -p printer/instance -o number-up=4

For more info see the built-in CUPS help docs:
Creating Saved Options

Saved options are supported in CUPS through printer instances. Printer instances are, as their name implies, copies of a printer that have certain options associated with them. Use the lpoptions command to create a printer instance:

lpoptions -p printer/instance -o name=value ...

The -p printer/instance option provides the name of the instance, which is always the printer name, a slash, and the instance name which can contain any printable characters except space and slash. The remaining options are then associated with the instance instead of the main queue. For example, the following command creates a duplex instance of the LaserJet queue:

lpoptions -p LaserJet/duplex -o sides=two-sided-long-edge

Instances do not inherit lpoptions from the main queue.
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Response by poster: ...possums - no dice -

I've got tried both myprinter/4sheets and myprinter options set to number=4 and 2 - It's still not printing all pages on one sheet from the finder. Looking at the lpstats for both it shows up as number-up=4. Looking at the help, it seems those setting might be only for command line printing.
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Best answer: Alright, I've figured out how to get around this problem. I installed virtualbox and then installed the printer in my XP image and am printing from there. I followed these directions. What a cludge - I can't believe I'm having to run XP in virtualbox just to do what I need to get done.
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