Desire to Become a Travel Agent
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I'm interested in becoming a travel agent. How do I become one and find a job?

I have a Bachelor's degree and some graduate school and I'm in my 40s, so I'm experienced in the world of work. For some reason, I just have no idea how to break into this industry. Any ideas or reference websites for more information would be appreciated.
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It is my impression that travel agents really hardly exist any more with increases in consumer online trip booking and such. In my state (Wisconsin), there are less than 2000 total travel agents, and that number is decreasing by almost 10% each year. So I don't think this is necessarily an issue of "breaking into the industry" as much as it is an issue of there being an industry to break into. If you think you would like this kind of work, I know that some large corporations have travel coordinators who book flights and hotels and such for their staff who have to travel a lot.
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My sister-in-law is a travel agent, and has been one for almost 20 years. She loves her job, and has enough experience and seniority and an established enough client base that she's still able to make a good living at it, but the field is shrinking every year.

Right now, pretty much the only way to create a career in the travel industry is, as mjcon says, to become a travel coordinator with a large corporation, or to become part of a highly specialized niche travel industry like safari travel or sailboat travel or ecotourism.
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