Things for math nerds to do in the big apple
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This is probably the zillionth question on things to do in New York. But are there any cool things that a complete math nerd can do in the city? I'm more interested in places I can visit than things I could do with people.
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There are math tours led by a fellow named Glen Whitney. My quick googling doesn't give me any good information on how to join one of these or contact him.
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If your math nerdiness carries into train/public transportation nerdiness (many people's do) I'd suggest heading over to Brooklyn to see the NYC Transit Museum.
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You might consider the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Very math-based in its proportions; lots of cool little niches for your eye to rest. Depending on when you're going, you may also be able to get there after it reopens from renovations. (I think that's November, but I could be wrong.)
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Rose Center at the Museum of Natural History
The Strand - big used bookstore.
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You could go muck around in the NYPL's Science Industry and Business Library - that's where the NYPL keeps the math. You could also try to talk your way into the math libraries at NYU and/or Columbia.

Depending on when you're coming, Nerd Nite or Secret Science Club might have mathy things on their programs.
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These guys are out in Long Island but might have affiliate organizations or some kind of information for NYC itself. Brooklyn's NYC Resistor and Manhattan hackerspaces might have ideas for you, too, and might be fun to visit though they're more toward the "activities" end than the "gawk/visit" end of things. I've been to Nerd Nite a couple times and it's fun but is also more of something to DO than something to SEE. I'd check out the bridges if you're a math/architecture person, maybe read up on the math behind them before visiting and witnessing them.
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Oh, there's also the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Tours that happen every other weekend - next one is October 11 so if that happens to coincide, could be a fun thing to go see.
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The Museum of Finance
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The Math Midway (in town till Oct. 14) looks like it's more geared toward groups, but they might have ideas for a solo visitor to NYC, or might let you in to check them out. PS1 is a modern art museum that might be fun for you because of the shape-orientedness of some of their exhibits.
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