Caves around Vancouver
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Are they any nice caves around Vancouver that aren't out on Vancouver Island?

I'm going to visit in a week and would like to find a nice cave by the sea. Just something interesting to explore, not particularly a grand spelunk. Thanks.
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Best answer: If you just want to get underground, you could go to Britannia Mines, which is about 40 minutes by car north of downtown Vancouver.

Unfortunately, due to geology, there aren't a lot of caves in the Lower Mainland. However, this website lists some Vancouver caving contacts (just email addresses), so they may be able to help.
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Best answer: There are two small mine shafts here on Bowen Island that go into Mount Gardner for about fifty feet or so.

That's it. Not much limestone on this rocky isle.
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Natural caves near the ocean in british columbia are disproportionately likely to have aboriginal human remains in them and other kinds of sensitive sites. It is illegal to alter these sites in any way or remove things from them. Since the BC caving community are a bunch of yahoos I wouldn't take any direction or guidance from them.
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