Let the guest pick the music before the party
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Have party guests build music playlist prior to party online. Is there such a site?

My sister is throwing a huge party and would prefer to have people submit their music playlist ideas prior to the party. It would be nice if she can sign up for a service (free) like evite and have people login to suggest a playlist. There service must exist somewhere on the interwebs but my googling isn't getting me anywhere.
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Best answer: evite actually has this functionality. (or did you already know this and want alternatives?) you can't upload songs, but you can make a list of songs that guests you've invited can add to.
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Haven't used but: FlavorTunes
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While I don't know any in particular that do this right now since the downfall of the first version of Muxtape (which for legality reasons may be the reason why this sort of thing is being tip-toed), you may want to check out SimplifyMedia and see if it fits the bill. If nothing else, have people create a Dropbox account and share/sync files that way.

If people have an iPhone or iPod Touch with the Remote app while they are there, they can sort through her iTunes library (assuming she's using iTunes, otherwise ignore) and suggest songs to by played by the "DJ" and people can vote on the song if there's enough people.

It even appears that playlist.com itself may work.
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Is the party in the US?

Spotify can do this perfectly but is not available in the US yet.
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Response by poster: Is in the US. Thanks for the suggestions!
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