Lotus Notes and Outlook forwarding problem
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I use Outlook 2003 in the office. If I receive an email from someone outside the company that uses Lotus Notes and I try to forward that email, the body of the email is stripped automatically when it is forwarded. Has anybody ever heard of this?
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I have seen it. Tracked it down to this MS KB article. Sadly it's marked kbnofix. I'm now on Outlook 2007 and haven't had the issue reoccur recently, but that may be because I'm not receiving any mail from Lotus Notes users.

You may want to switch your Outlook editor, does the problem still occur in plain text or RTF?
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Is this a common occurrence? You may try pasting the body content into a text editor then back in, if it's something you can live with.
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Response by poster: I haven't tried that but thanks for the KB. Our Messaging team is researching it as well. I'll keep poking around.
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Response by poster: It only occurs when email is received from a specific company and I know they use Lotus Notes. They communicate with a high level executive so I can't suggest the copy paste option as a solution. Thanks though.
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Generally, emailing as "plain text" has worked for us with email issues in Outlook 2003.
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