Where has my movie Gypsy gone?
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Name that Aussie kids' movie - - does anyone remember a kids' movie back in the 80s about a boy and his lost border collie, Gypsy?

I'm racking my brains to find this, Google has revealed nothing. The plot from my hazy memory is that a schoolboy's (could be girl) border collie goes missing and it's all about how he finds it. I think it was set in a small country town. We were shown it at school around 1984/85. The dog to my memory (and the movie, I thought) was called Gypsy. I've searched the Australian database of movies for that time and it doesn't seem to exist. The theme song went a little like, "Gypsy, Gypsy, Gypsy, Gypsy, where has my dog Gypsy gone?" (Repeat adinfinitum). At the end, he gets the dog back. Shocking, I know. Does anyone remember this or have I made the whole thing up? It may be a made for tv movie but I don't remember it as such. Thanks!
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I thought I was pretty good on Aussie kids movies, but this has me baffled.

Did you see it here in Oz?

Are you 100% sure it was an Australian project? Not one of those cross-cultural things, like the Australian/Canadian collaborations on kids series like The Saddle Club or H2O?

Is there any chance that the school could help? Do you remember a specific teacher or class when you saw the film? Classmates, maybe?
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I thought I was pretty good on them too, but the only things that come into my head are "Molly" and "Dusty" - and that's based more on the name similarity rather than any memories of the movies.

There's also "Kellie", a Schiff series about kids & a police dog in a small seaside town which I think had a few episodes edited into a telemovie, but it's later than that - early 90's?
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