Consulate personnel and dependents registry?
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I am looking for any publicly-available staff-and-dependents records for the British Consulate in Los Angeles, specifically for the period 1965 to 1966. I have some info.

In spring 1966 Prince Philip also visited both the country and Los Angeles in particular, so there is plentiful news coverage of associated social events in the Los Angeles area available though various news organizations' online archives. While interesting, this data is ancillary and really only useful to confirm info that would be in the putative data source I seek.

I'm most interested in learning if there is a place that I can find staff lists, something like a registry of Consulate personnel and dependents that would have been provided to the State Department or other US agencies. It would of course be most preferential if this theoretical registry were easily available online.

If only a professional, net-savvy librarian were to read this and make some suggestions! Thanks in advance!
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The people to ask would be the British Consulate. I can't imagine they won't give up that information if they have it, but if they won't you can always try to FOI it.
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