Determining suit size and measurements.
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Is there a down and dirty way to determine my suit measurements without going to see a tailor or using anything other than a normal tape measure?

I'm selling my soul to Central Casting (film and TV extras casting) to help pay some bills through this unemployment lull. In addition to an ID, I9, and other documents, they want measurements for a suit. Any suggestions on how a bachelor can get these numbers (or roughly the right numbers) in the comfort of his own home?
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If you have a cloth measuring tape, you can do it yourself, but so will any salesperson in a department store or other suit-selling place.

A great time to take advantage of that excellent Nordstrom's customer service, I should think!
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Do you know anyone who sews? They're bound to have a cloth measuring tape. IKEA has free paper ones.

If you have more time than money, you could make one out of a long strip of paper. Wrap it around yourself, mark it, then hold it against a ruler or yardstick.
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Meant to add, google "suit measurements" to determine how/where to measure. Easier if someone else can measure you though.
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Best answer: When I got a suit made by Thick as Thieves I used their self-measure instructions, and the cut was pretty spot on for my first made to measure to suit. Here's their instructions.

Easiest way to do it would be rokusan's suggestion of going to Nordstrom's or somewhere similar.
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Best answer: has some great how-to videos and a nice printable sheet. You just need a cloth tape measure from the dollar store and a willing friend.
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You can also measure yourself with a piece of string and then measure the string with a ruler or yardstick.
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I would just go to Macy's or any other decent department store, say you're looking for a suit and they will measure you free of charge.
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wrt using string: if you do this, make sure the string isn't stretchy. I'd try to get someone who knows tailoring or fitting to measure you as arm length is very tricky to do by yourself. And, if you have any larger/smaller than average parts of your body, that has to be taken into consideration, eg., extra wide shoulders, large upper arms or thighs.
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I am no taylor but do sew ... maybe this is "just me" as far as my dimensions but a yard of fabric (on me) is nose to finger-tip (on the right) .. my mother showed me and it is very accurate .. anyway, I think a person could learn their own dimensions easily and if more were required use string, etc
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips.
I didn't want to go to a department store or tailor pretending to shop simply because I'd feel guilty about wasting their time without compensation. If I was a more frequent customer I'd probably have less an issue. I'm cheap, but honest.
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