Seeking comfy heels!
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I recently bought these shoes and love them. What other shoes might I like?

These are the first pair of heels that are a) cute and b) allow me to walk in them without wanting to die. Unfortunately, the style is pretty atypical for that brand, so I'd love to find similar comfy and cute shoes and boots now that I've discovered that heels don't have to hurt. I'd like to keep it under $200/pair.
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I recommend the Indigo by Clarks line. If you felt like splurging I'd also recommend FLuevogs (but they tend to be over $200 unless you wait for a sale).
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Let me be the one to say that a site that comes up frequently in these posts is, which was created by a MeFite. Pop in the shoe you like (I believe Nordstrom is one of the sites they feature, so find the exact one), and it will show you similar styles. Use the slider and the sort features to narrow the selection to what you want.
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This search should start you off.
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dersinsette hates heels and owns exactly one pair, which she miraculously finds comfortable. They're made by Tsubo.
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I recommend anything made by Camper. I bought these last week, and have worn them five straight days in a row. Best of all, they're so cute, and you can frequently find some on sale.
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Those are nice. Somewhat reminiscent of Fashion Shoes G745 and G743 which have "the comfortable feeling to walk," if you want to experiment with cheapies. (via). 2nd Camper, which are sometimes same-y in style, and which also feel nice and wear well.
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I have some Dr. Martens Drew wedge heels (mine are cornflower blue!) that are super comfortable. I am normally a high heel hater, but I'll put these on without hesitation. They may be a bit hard to find; I don't see them on the DM website.

I also have Dr. Martens Ruanna wedge sandals which are quite nice as well (basically the same wedge heel as the drew, just in a sandal.

I don't have any Naot heels but their flats are very very comfortable and they have some cute styles.

(an I'll second the Camper and Fluvog recommendations, they are both comfy brands.)
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Keep an eye on Cole Haan sales - their shoes are uber comfy but usually aren't priced under $200 normally.
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Solea are a great brand for walkable funky heels, plus another vote for Camper
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2nding Cole Haan, but I only have the ones with the Nike Air built in, and wouldn't want it any other way.
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Anything from Clarks or Born. I have worn my various Born shoes to shoots carrying heavy video equipment, spending 6+ hours on my feet sometimes, and always felt comfortable. Can't recommend them enough.
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Naturalizer Daybreak suede mary jane pumps. I can't find them on the site any more, but I got my first pair at a Naturalizer outlet store & now I have 4 pairs...
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Another vote for Clarks Indigo heels. I wear them all the time, and find them even comfier than Sofft.
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