Blu-Ray playing software for Windows 7 HTPC?
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Blu-Ray playing software for Windows 7 HTPC?

Does anyone have recommendations for a Blu-Ray player for Windows 7? The software that came with the drive (PowerDVD 8 OEM) doesn't run properly (it requires 1024x768 minimum resolution, which is a problem on a 720p display; it also doesn't think the Nvidia ION is capable of handling the output for whatever reason). PowerDVD 9 does work, but I would have to pay some $70 for it. I'll bite the bullet and buy it, but I'm wondering if anyone has any better alternatives.
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My Blu-Ray drive came with PowerDVD 9. I wonder if you might be entitled to a free upgrade?

Check the drive manufacturer's web site.
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Best answer: I've had good experiences using PowerDVD 9 for playing Blu-ray discs back via the disc structure.

If you only want to play segments at a time, without menus (but with seamless branching support), use Media Player Classic Home Cinema - adding the latest ffdshow-tryouts build in order to handle EAC3 and TrueHD - on top of Slysoft AnyDVD HD as your decryption layer. There is currently no free or open source decoder for DTS-HD (either HR or MA), though ffdshow-tryouts will handle all variants of regular DTS and DTS-ES.

I'm not sure if MPC-HC's built-in DXVA decoders will work on the ION, but it doesn't cost anything to try.
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The OEM product of PowerDVD has a few updates. I think I've gotten two since I installed it a year or so ago. Check their site or whatever update function it might have built in.
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